DuFour et al.‟s framework for a PLC is inclusive of

DuFour等人的專業學習社群PLC(Professional Learning Community)框架包括

(a) a shared mission, vision, and goals targeting student learning,


(b) a collaborative culture with a focus on learning,

(b) 焦點放在合作文化的學習

(c) collective inquiry into best practice and current reality,

(c) 集體調查最佳實踐和現況

(d) action orientation: learn by doing,

(d) 行為取向:作中學

(e) a commitment to continuous improvement, and

(e) 承諾持續改進

(f) results orientation assessment.

(f) 結果取向評估


The literature has repeatedly indicated that the shared vision and values of a professional
learning community should be dedicated to student learning (DuFour, DuFour, & Eaker, 2008,
Hord 1997).


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